Foróige Wildlife - Let’s Build a Simple Bug Hotel

foroigeadmin April 1, 2021
Zookeeper Cillian Club Leader of Foróige Wildlife Club

Spring is now well underway and over the next few weeks there will be lots of new life to

observe and enjoy. Many animals are having their young at this time of the year and this

simple bug hotel is one way to make your garden more attractive to visitors. By

providing shelter to the smallest creatures, you can draw many larger animals to your

garden. A bug hotel will create a safe haven for many insects and bugs. As their

numbers increase, many animals that feed on insects will make you garden the first

stop on their tour. As the months pass you may notice many more varieties of birds, as

well as animals such as hedgehogs, becoming regular sightings at home. It’s a small

addition that we can make but it can be a massive help to the biodiversity of your local

area. If you’re interested in learning more about the natural world, please sign up to the

Foróige Wildlife club.


What you’ll need:

1. Cardboard tubes (from toilet roll or kitchen roll) or empty tin cans/flower pots.

2. Bricks or stones

3. Dried leaves/grass/pine cones/moss

4. Twigs and sticks

5. Wooden planks/logs


How to:

1. Stuff the cardboard tubes/cans with the dried leaves and twigs. Don't over stuff

them, leave some room for the insects to move around.

2. Stack the tubes side by side and on top of one another in a sheltered area.

Under a bush or in a corner by a wall is perfect.

3. Use the wooden planks and bricks to create a small shelter to shield the tubes

from the weather.

4. Stuff the gaps between the tubes and the sides of the shelter with more dried

grass and leaves.

5. Leave the bug hotel and check back in a week to see if you can spot any



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