Foróige NFTE represents Ireland at European Social Innovation and Entrepreneurial Educational Conference

foroigeadmin February 26, 2019

NFTE was invited to represent Ireland at a European Expert Meeting which was hosted in Vienna on Thursday the 21st of February. 

The meeting was for the Education of Young People for Social Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Educational Practices in Evidence, Challenges, Cooperation  Strategies and Future Policies. 

Caroline Cooke representing NFTE in Vienna last week said it was a hugely positive event where the European partners and networks worked together on a broad variety of topics with a main focus on Social Entrepreneurship Education.

It is a fantastic initiative for NFTE to be participating in, to collaborate and develop more opportunities for social innovation, social entrepreneurship and educational policies and practices for young people across Europe. The main focus was integrating young social entrepreneur role models for social innovation into effective educational initiatives and what investment and resources are needed to support our young people so we can foster and promote creativity, self-confidence, team-work and other life learning skills of all our entrepreneurial young people. 

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