Foróige Link up festival launch supporting Health & Wellbeing

foroigeadmin August 14, 2020

Foróige Launches ‘Linkup Festival’ to Support Young People’s Health and Wellbeing before Returning to Education

• Four events held throughout North Fingal and Dublin to support young people’s health and wellbeing

• Young people are feeling anxious and stressed with the uncertainty of returning to education in September  

• Leading the way for young people to reconnect, destress and build their resilience


On Monday, August 10th, the Linkup Festival was launched in Rush, Co. Dublin. Staff and young people came together to mark the beginning of the festival which will support young people with their return to education. Foróige is leading the way in North Fingal and Dublin to give young people the opportunity to gain the skills to support their health and wellbeing. 

The first day starts with ‘Trails & Tales’, a 5km walk followed by a healthy picnic. The day is about young people moving more and having some healthier food options for returning to education. Day two, ‘Tunes & Chats’, gives young people the time to de-stress with friends while listening to music which can improve their mental health. On day three there is a health and wellbeing guest speaker, with another healthy lunch option being offered to all young people. Jack gives an inspirational workshop on resilience and overcoming life’s unexpected challenges. Day four is about slowing down and taking time to look after yourself through the practice of yoga and meditation. This time gives young people the opportunity to learn new skills that they can practice in their everyday lives.  


Sarah Butler, Healthy and Wellbeing youth officer and co-ordinator of the Linkup Festival:  “The aim is that young people will engage in a positive health initiative at a key time before their return to education. We hope that every young person in our Foróige projects and services will feel more confident, resilient, reconnected and ready for the new challenges they face returning to education, knowing that we are fully behind them, supporting them all the way.”

‘Linkup Festival’ is supported by Healthy Ireland through Fingal Children & Young People’s Service Committee (FCYPSC).

For more information on the Linkup Festival please email [email protected].

If you would like more information on Foróige services in your area please contact, a Foróige staff member on [email protected]


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