Foróige Launches 'The Comeback' Campaign

Alan May 18, 2022

A lot of the best things in life have been a little out of reach for a while. We’ve all missed a ton of things, but luckily, most of them are making a comeback and so are we at Foróige Clubs!

The Comeback campaign was created to communicate a compelling case for Foróige clubs and why they are important to not just young people but volunteers too. This nationwide campaign helps shine a light on the work and impact this organisation has on both the youth and volunteers around Ireland. 

To celebrate the fact that clubs across the country are now meeting in person once more, Foróige collaborated with young Irish illustrator Fatti Burke on artwork that celebrates Foróige and the young people they work with. This artwork will be displayed across press and online ads over the coming months. The illustrations captures the fun, vibrancy and energy of Foróige and we think that every person who takes part in Foróige Clubs can see some aspect of their experience depicted in the imagery. 

Get involved in The Comeback campaign and sign up to Foróige today!

Speaking about The Comeback campaign, Foróige Chairperson Barbara Daly, said; ‘We are thrilled to open our doors across the country once more. It’s been a long few years and we know our young people and volunteers have really missed their local Foróige clubs. To keep our clubs running to the high standard we are known for, we are calling on the general public to get involved. Volunteering with young people is extremely rewarding and we are asking the public to help in any way they can. Our clubs are situated nationwide and cover lots of interest sets, so getting involved is fun, rewarding and worthwhile.’

Find out more about The Comeback campaign here!