Foróige Future Proof Programme officially launches

foroigeadmin October 1, 2020
Foróige's Climate Justice education Programme Future Proof

Today Foróige sees the launch of an exciting brand new programme, the Foróige Future Proof programme. The Foróige Future Proof programme is in direct response to the climate crisis unfolding right now. Developed specifically for young people, the programme addresses Climate Justice education. It will create an awareness of Climate Justice and climate action among young people, enabling them to make choices for a sustainable future.

Written in conjunction with a passionate group of young people known as the Foróige Ecollective, the programme will inform and educate how the climate crisis disproportionately impacts vulnerable and marginalised communities in Ireland and across the world. Climate justice is a human-centred approach to climate activism that takes into consideration the common factor that ties the climate movement to other worldwide movements such as workers rights, racial justice and gender equality. 


Having participated in the Foróige Future Proof programme, young people will be able to define climate justice and identify actions that can be taken to lower carbon footprint in a just manner. They will be able to envisage, plan and execute a Climate Justice Action Project and identify ways of achieving a Foróige Climate Justice Award.

This is an exciting new programme where young people can have a direct influence on climate justice initiatives in their own communities. They will learn to make decisions for their own futures and bring about positive change on the journey to more sustainable living.

Why is climate justice important in Youth Work?

  1. To help young people develop social awareness.
  2. To allow young people to have a voice in decision making affecting them in the future.
  3. To enhance the role of young people as citizens of society.  Extensive programme training will begin for staff in the coming weeks. You can find out more about Foróige's Future Proof programme and how to register for the training on the staff portal. 

For further information on the Future Proof Programme or training please contact Foróige Training, Learning and Development on [email protected]



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