Foróige Fitfest Reconnects Young People after Covid 19 Lockdown

foroigeadmin June 23, 2020

Foróige Fitfest support young people to reconnect as the lockdown lifts

Foróige Donegal have planned three events for the summer to help support young people to safely rejoin their communities as the lockdown lifts. The first 5km solstice walk took place on Saturday where over 100 people from the county walked in family groups or within socially distanced guidelines. In July A 'Tunes and Chats' event is planned and the third event in August is 'Hope in the a Pandemic'. These events are supported by Healthy Ireland and Donegal Local Community Development Committee. 












Susan McLoughlin Foróige Project Leader, said: "By the end of the summer our aim is that every young person that engages in our Foróige projects and services will be more confident, feel reconnected to their friends and to their community, and ready to face the challenges ahead with increased resilience and strength knowing that we are fully behind them, supporting them all the way".

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