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foroigeadmin April 16, 2020
Foróige Feed Your Body Food

Feed Your Body - Fuel Your Life

Feed Your Body - Fuel Your Life is part of the Foróige digital campaign to support young people through the difficult time we find ourselves in . It focuses on mind, body and soul addressing empathy and self care through music, art,craft & design and food. This campaign draws on the Foróige Activating Empathy programme which was developed in partnership NUI Galway.


What does food mean to us?

During this pandemic, food is more important now than ever before. Food has become such an important part of our day while we live through the COVID-19 pandemic. It can break up our day, give us structure and provide us with the social interactions we need on a daily basis. 


Whether it be sharing some toast in the morning or a meal in the evening, studies show how sharing food can be a sign of affection to your loved ones. Recent research has concluded that we use food as an expression of empathy for others. We tend to offer food as a way to comfort our loved ones who may be feeling low.


These days, food is being used as an activity to keep our minds busy and our bodies fueled. From cooking dinner to baking cakes, food is helping to pass the time during isolation in many different ways.


Food has the power to let us explore new cultures from the comfort of our own home. Taking this time during isolation to learn new recipes, try new techniques and spend some time in the kitchen with your loved ones is a great way to connect. 


Empathy is about being able to understand how another person is feeling and to step into their shoes to view a situation, it is also about using this understanding to connect with and help others. As part of the Activating empathy programme, Foróige is asking young people to consider how, during social distancing, we can help others and inspire and motivate others to do so.



The Activating Empathy programme, developed by Foróige in partnership with NUI Galway and Penn State University aims to develop empathy skills in young people and to promote the practice of empathy among young people to inspire positive social change. The Activating Empathy through food was developed by Dr. Bernadine Brady NUIG and Prof Mark Brennan Penn State University. The programme will be available to young people in Foróige. If you are interested in finding out more about the programme , please contact [email protected]

Resources for Activating Empathy, Care and Compassion

Healthy Eating

Sligo based nutritionist Aoife Clancy and The Crib Foróige centre in Sligo have shared this informative video with our community to encourage young people who are gaining cooking skills during this time to consider healthy options and a balance diet. 

How to Cook - Part One

A delicious step by step recipe for Minced Beef Boats kindly prepared for us by Lismullen Cookery School, Navan, Co, Meath. A printable version of this recipe is available here


How to Cook - Part Two

Another delicious step by step recipe, this time Neven Maguire shows us how to cook Cajun Chicken Melts. A printable of this recipe is available here





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