Foróige Blanchardstown Computer Clubhouse member finalist for Young Animator of the Year

foroigeadmin April 4, 2017

Dylan Kirwan (15) from Mulhuddart was among the finalists for the ‘Young Animator of the Year’ award at the Dingle Animation Festival.

Dylan, who is a member of the Foróige Computer Clubhouse Blanchardstown, submitted his animation short using the theme 'The illusion of life" and called it "Defective Perspective". He said the film is about how people perceive the world and how the guy next to you could see something completely different to you.

He got to meet many of the best Irish and International Animation Academy has to offer including Jam, Disney, Netflix, Cartoon Saloon, Brown Bag Films, Gorilla, RTE Jnr, CBBC and many more. He didn't win the award but it was an amazing experience for him to meet other emerging talent and experienced animators. He and his short animation appeared on this RTE News feature. 

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