Environmental Squad Explores North West Coastlines

foroigeadmin August 5, 2020


Fun exploring Ireland's wild beaches teaming with life

Rosses Neighbourhood Youth Project in North West Donegal has been exploring the rock pools along the wild Atlantic beaches at Carrickfinn and Mullaghderg. As part of the July summer programme, members have been spending time outdoors connecting with nature and learning about their surroundings. 





Young Voyages of Discovery

They have been roaming the beaches on a voyage of discovery, finding nature's hidden treasures.As they upturned rocks a new world filled with strange creatures, seaweeds and shells uncovered itself. Our young people have been learning how to identify different species over the course of the four-week programme. The information they have gathered has been forwarded to BioDiversity Ireland through #exploreyourshore.


Embracing our local environment has been a mindful and enlightening experience for these young people. 

Why not explore the natural world on your nearest beach this summer, you can record your sightings and submit them at https://www.biodiversityireland.ie/

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