Cork Friends Win NFTE Special Recognition Award

foroigeadmin June 16, 2020
Cork friends Cian and Dylan win NFTE Special Recognition Award

And the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship Special Recognition Award goes to…

Cian Hennessy and Dylan O’Connor, Lavender Lullabies, from Togher UBU Development Project in Cork. Cian and Dylan have been nominated because of their dedication to their business. This Special Award recognises the determination of two young people in

showing that nothing should stand in your way of your dreams and what you want to achieve. 

‘I feel these two young people put their heart and soul into their business’ said Patricia Corcoran, Certified Entrepreneur Teacher.

Best friends Cian and Dylan are 11 years old and in fifth class. Cian is confined to a wheelchair and has multiple disabilities. He has spent much of his short life travelling to Crumlin hospital for treatments and surgery. The two boys wanted to acknowledge and support the wonderful care Cian received during his time in Crumlin Hospital so they decided to donate some of the profits from their business to the Children’s Hospital.


The boys attend the project twice weekly where they are fully encouraged to participate and programmes designed to meet their needs.

Dylan attended Junior BIZ Camp and was very enthusiastic about starting his own business. As Cian was his best friend he asked him to be his business partner. Cian’s parents were fully on board with the idea as they fully encouraged Cian to participate in mainstream activities to the best of his ability.

Cian attends mainstream school despite some challenges. Dylan encouraged Cian 100% and spent weeks and weeks helping him with the business, and the work they put in was huge.

Dylan helped Cian around in the garden in his wheelchair to harvest the lavender. They both worked well together when doing their business plan. Dylan is an amazing young man and the patience he has shown in encouraging his best friend has been a joy to behold. Cian’s development has had a huge positive impact on his parents and staff. They have also been a positive example to other young people in the Project. 

They went to Cork City Hall Craft fair where they both were able to pitch their business and sell to the public. This was a huge boost for both boys in elevating their self-esteem and confidence. They were able to also go into their school and present their ideas to their peers and teachers. 

They are already planning to further expand their business with full support from staff, parents, family and teachers.

They have also encouraged other young people to come up with business ideas.

Each year Foróige’s Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) asks teachers to nominate a young person or group who have shown exceptional dedication and hard work to the programme throughout the year.


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