Congratulations to newly elected Youth Participation Advisory Committee!

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Foróige April 18, 2013

On Saturday 6th April 2013, the newly elected YPAC (Youth Participation Advisory Committee) met for the first time in Dublin City Centre. YPAC will meet approximately four times over the next year to plan, advise and evaluate youth participation across the whole Foróige organisation. In this first meeting, the committee which is made up of 12 young people from around the country as well as Foróige volunteers, staff and members of Senior Management, looked at various aspects of youth participation in the organisation. This included assessing and providing feedback on the plan for youth participation in 2013, planning the content of the next staff training and networking day and a consultation meeting with our Online Communications Officer to give ideas on our new Foróige website. Huge congratulations to our 12 young people who were elected onto the committee by their peers to represent them over the next year. They have an important role in not only being part of the committee but consulting with their own groups, bringing ideas forward from them and feeding back to them what is happening in Youth Participation in Foróige.

Our 12 young people are:

Aaron Grant, Dublin
Nikita Evans, Dublin
Sinéad Corbally, Dublin
Brandon Quadros, Roscommon
Shauna Curran, Donegal
Fiona McShane, Donegal
Joe Aylward, Waterford
Chloe Bradley, Waterford
Dean O Sullivan, Waterford
Thomas Pettit, Westmeath
Mairín McGrath, Tipperary
Adrienne Walsh, Mayo

YPAC will meet again in June so check back here for updates from our next meeting!