Autism Awareness Day Celebrated in Cork

foroigeadmin May 11, 2017

Apache Foróige Club based in Cork City recently held an autism awareness day with the theme ‘Different but not less’, which was also a fundraiser for the club.

The club has been going four years with 22 kids attending who have autism and learning disabilities. There are five adult volunteers, and 3 junior leaders who are past members.

They meet Wednesday’s 3.30-5pm (juniors), 5.15-7pm (seniors); Friday’s 5-7pm, and have a special interest club one Saturday a month which plays war hammer and lego and does arts and crafts.

The young people created all of the art in the pictures, the mural was done by the junior and senior club together, and they made the entire war hammer set from scratch.

Congrats to all involved in a fantastic project!!


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