Artistic Expressions of 2020 with Foróige Coastal North Dublin

foroigeadmin July 3, 2020
Coastal North Dublin Foróige - Graffiti Art workshop

Foróige Coastal North Dublin kicks off summer programme with Grafitti Art Workshops

What an amazing Summer Programme week it was for Foróige Coastal North Dublin. Over the course of a week, 27 young people aged 10 - 17 from Rush and Lusk took part in a Graffiti art Installation, themed "2020 for young people''.


Artistic expression to chanel experiences was facilitated by Foróige Staff and led by Drogheda grafitti artist RASK

The project took place in The Cottage Community Centre Carpark in Lusk Village, Dublin and was facilitated by Foróige staff and the ever-brilliant Drogheda graffiti artist RASK. Needless to say, it has been an unprecedented year for young people and this initiative was a positive way of channelling the experiences, frustrations and hopes of those who took part into positive artistic expressions.

 "This project was based on simplicity and raw expression" said J FitzGerald, SYO at Coastal North Dublin. "Every single piece represented issues, signifiers or symbols that were important or dear to the young people who took part...those simple things they missed, the societal issues that mobilise and motivate them daily, and the pandemic that has impacted their world so much." Princess Okosun (17), who came up with the concept for the Black Lives Matter Mural, said "  I want a world where everyone is comfortable in their own skin and where we aren’t judged by the colour of our skin. It’s such a shame that in 2020 this is still happening and until then we’re going to keep fighting .We decided to create this because we felt like there was a special message behind it. I personally don’t know one black person that hasn’t experienced racism in their life and that’s not right at all , no one is born racist - it’s taught and it’s a disease. "
This Graffiti Programme is part of a 7 week Summer Programme. Foróige would like to extend a special thanks to Brian Arnold at Lusk Community Council, RASK, and Cllr Rob O' Donoghue for their support in this initiative.
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