Without Limits

Leadership Without Limits

Young people from all corners of the globe: Ireland, the USA, the UK, Nigeria, Palestine, India, Canada and Northern Ireland gathered together to be inspired, to inspire each other, to gain the skills and confidence to become true leaders of their own lives, of their communities, of businesses, of causes, of countries.

Ambassador to the conference, Hollywood star Matt McCoy was also there to cheer on our future world leaders.

The event was the For�ige Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life Conference held in NUI Maynooth from the 30th July to 3rd August 2012.

"I put so much work into this and it feels great when you see it paying off. Getting a qualification from NUI Galway at 16 is a great achievement in itself but the best part about the For�ige Leadership programme was growing confidence, my own self-belief and meeting great new people who have now become my close friends. The community element of it is really important and I now feel closer to my community. I would definitely recommend the For�ige leadership programme to other young people."

For�ige member Gemma from Cork was speaking about her graduation from NUI Galway. The 16-year-old was one of 111 young people who graduated from NUI Galway with a Foundation Certificate in Youth Leadership and Community Action in October 2012.

The graduates had successfully completed all three modules of the For�ige Leadership Programme, Albert Schweitzer Leadership For Life, and were deemed to have demonstrated a desire to lead from the front and set a good example to their peers through positive decision making and actions. The programme, which is run over a year, is delivered in For�ige Clubs and Projects and through some selected schools.

Isobel Phillips from the For�ige Best Practice Unit, which manages the leadership programme, said: "Foroige's Leadership Programme enables young people to develop new skills like self awareness, communication and team building, and to set goals for themselves to be a force for good in their communities. As an organisation, we're incredibly proud of the young people who graduated on from NUI Galway with a Foundation Certificate in Youth Leadership and Community Action. They've put a lot of work into achieving the certificate and we're delighted to see young people being recognised for being the young leaders that they are."


The Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life Programme (ASLFL) is a partnership between For�ige and the Ireland Chamber of Commerce USA Foundation Inc. The international youth leadership programme for young people aged 15 to 18, was developed by For�ige. The fourth annual ASLFL conference took place in the National University of Ireland, Maynooth from 30th July to 3rd August, with 270 young people from the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the USA, the UK, Nigeria, Palestine, India and Canada.

Module 1:
Learn leadership skills and set a personal leadership goal.

Module 2:
Develop leadership skills and complete a group research project.

Module 3:
Put leadership skills into practice.