Leading Lights

Leading Lights

Foróige is sparking the flame of leadership in Ireland’s young people by providing leadership skills training with a unique and valuable qualification. Participants who successfully complete all three modules of the ASLFL programme are awarded a Foundation Certificate in Youth Leadership and Community Action from NUI Galway. This is the first of its kind in Ireland.

On 22nd October 2011, 115 excited young people graduated from NUIG with a Foundation Certificate in Youth Leadership and Community Action. The graduation day recognised the incredible achievement of the young people and acknowledged the dedication and enthusiasm of their mentors. It was a thrilling event for all involved and the graduates celebrated with their extremely proud parents, guardians and facilitators.

Through the year long programme, the graduates completed a research project and put their leadership skills into action in their communities in a variety of practical projects, such as peer mentoring, teaching younger teenagers music and organising a youth forum.

The programme is divided into three modules and is delivered in Foróige Clubs and Projects and through some selected schools.

Module 1:
Learn leadership skills and set a personal leadership goal.

Module 2:
Develop leadership skills and complete group research project.

Module 3:
Put leadership skills into practice.a

This year, 140 young people have registered for the Foundation Certificate. Foróige is continuing to train more staff and volunteers to deliver the programme so that we can reach more young people and enable them to unwrap their potential.

There has been outstanding feedback on the programme from participants who described the beneficial impact taking part has had for them; improved leadership skills, personal development, increased self belief and greater community involvement.

“ Throughout my leadership journey I have learned so much about myself, I have grown into an outgoing person who has created strong friendships. I have learned that leading as part of a team is much more effective and powerful than trying to do everything by myself.”
Jessica Trimble,
Blanchardstown Youth Service.

“ I now realise how worthwhile and fulfilling volunteer work is and how beneficial it can be to the people within my community. In future, I will feel more confident in volunteering my help and not always waiting to be approached.”
Sharron Lynskey,
Tooreen Foróige Club, Co. Mayo

115 16-18 year olds graduated from NUI Galway