7. Meetings and Attendances

The Club System can now record meetings and events for clubs.  This can be used for your regular weekly meetings, and other once-off events.

Add a Meeting:

To add a meeting, go to: Main Menu- My Club- Action Menu- Add Meeting

All members are automatically added to the meeting.

View All Meetings:

Go to Main Menu- My Club- Related- Meetings- View All  to see all meetings and events.
You can see all meetings and events listed here.  Click on the Meeting name to open it, or you can use the dropdown menu to edit or delete the meeting.

When you open the meeting, you can use the edit button to edit the basic details of the meeting (date, time, duration), and all the people due to attend are listed in Meeting Attendances. 

Use the New button to add more people to the meeting, or use the dropdown menu on each members  attendance record to mark them individually as having attended (or not), delete it (if they are not due to attend), and record whether the parent/ guardian has consented (i.e. you have recieved the parent permission slip back, or some other form of approval).  

Meeting Detail

Record Attendance:

As noted above, you can edit each Member Attendance record, and mark a person as having attended.  However, the Record Attendance button in the top right of the Meeting screen will allow you to mark many people at the same time.

Note: when using "Record Attendance", once you have saved the changes, you have to refresh your screen to see the changes reflected in the meeting details.  Use CTRL+R in Chrome on Windows to do this, or just go back to the My Club page, and go to the meeting again. 

Parental Consent:

Coming in 2018

One of the most requested features is the ability to request parents or guardians consent, by email, for a member to attend an event.  This feature is in development, and will launch in 2018.  Once you are in a meeting, and click the Parental Consent button, an email will be sent from the system to the parents/ guardians, with a link for them to click and therefore approve the members attendance.