6. Fees and Affiliation

Fees Due:

In the summary section at the top of the My Club Page, you will see Fees Due.  This is the amount your club has yet to pay to Foróige, and is automatically calculated from the number of Members and the Family Fee Groups minus any amount previously paid within the club year. 

To see how Fees Due has been calculated, go to: My Club page- Details section- Fee Calculation.  This shows how a summary of total members, families, payments already made, and the fees that apply.

Members Fees

As referred to above, adding a member to the club automatically adds the fee for that member to the Fees Due. 

Family Fees

To calculate family fees, we use Family Fee Groups.  Creating a Family Fee Group and adding members to it, means the system automatically calculates the Family Fee in place of the individual member fees.

  • To see all current Family Fee Groups, go to: My Club page- Related section- Family Fee Groups
  • To create a new Family Fee Group, go to: My Club page- Action Menu- Add Family Fee Group
  • To add a member to a Family Fee Group, go to: My Club page- Related section- Members, Leaders: use the dropdown button on the right of each Member record to Edit, then type the name of the Family fee Group into that field, and Save.

Note: A Family Fee Group without members in it will be ignored when calculating the fees for the club.

Fees for Member and Families in more than one club

If a member takes part in more than one club, they should pay their fee in one of the clubs they attend.  For the other clubs, they can be marked as having paid elsewhere.

To mark a Member as having paid in another club, in go to My Club page- Related section- Members, Leaders: use the dropdown button on the right of each Member record to Edit, tick the Fee Already Paid box, and Save.

For families where siblings attend different clubs, the club that collects the family fee creates the Family Fee Group, and adds the members in that club to it.  For the clubs that the other siblings attend, their Member record is marked as Fee Already Paid, as detailed above.


Paying Fees:

One of the requirements for affiliation of your club is that it must have paid it’s affiliation fees.  Paying by card is the best and fastest way to pay your fees, and this is the preferred method for clubs to pay affiliation fees to Foróige.   You can also pay fees multiple times throughout the year, not just when you are affiliating.

Go to: My Club page- Action Menu- Pay Fees.

Note: When you click Create Payment, there will be approx. a 10 second delay before you get a message that the transaction was successful.  DO NOT CANCEL OR CLOSE THE CARD PAYMENT SCREEN UNTIL YOU GET THIS MESSAGE. If you are unsure whether the transaction was successful or not, just view all club payments (see below).  The system mmediately shows any new transactions.

To View all Club Payments, including cheques received by Foróige Park West, go to: My Club page- Related section- Club Payments- View All


Request Affiliation:

Go to:  My Club page- Action Menu- Request Affiliation

This will ask some questions before you can submit the request, to ensure you are suitable to affiliate. The system will also check that you meet some of the minimum requirements before allowing you to submit the request.

Once you have submitted the request, it goes to Foróige Parkwest for approval. Submitting the fees by cheque can cause the approval of the Affiliation Request to be delayed.

If you request Affiliation, but this is rejected, you will be communicated with, to explain why.  Once you have addressed the issues raised, you can request affiliation again. Your current affiliation status is shown in the Summary section, in the My Club page.

To View all Affiliation Requests, go to My Club page- Related section- Affiliation Requests- View All