4. "My Club" page

My Club screen

This is the main screen that you will be using. Here you can view and edit the details of the club, and find all the main functions of the Club System.

1. Club Summary 

This shows a summary of the clubs affiliation status, numbers of members and leaders, and fees due.


2. Club Details/Related Items


This contains all the information about the club itself, for example the clubs name, meeting place, type of club, etc.

To update any of the information about the club itself, use the "Edit" button in the Action Menu.

The Details section also shows key information taken from other parts of the system, such as who is the current Club Leader, Summary of fees and so on, but these are not updated here.


Related Section

Here you can see lists of related items for the club, such all members and leaders, payments made to Foróige, requests for affiliation,  meetings and events, and others. 

Click "View All" in the bottom right of each of these lists to see all of those items.
You can use the Dropdown button at the right of each item to edit that item.

Tip: When using "View All", you can click on the column names to sort the results by that field.  So when in the "Members, Leaders" list, you can sort the list by their committee role, to easily find all the committee members


3. Action Menu


Click Edit to change details of the club itself, such as name, meeting address and time, etc.

Add Member, Leader

Use this to create a contact and add members to the club. Note: Clubs cannot add leaders to the system, this can only be done by Foróige staff.

Pay Fees

This allows clubs to pay Affiliation Fees to the organisation. Payment by card is the preferred method to do this.

Add Family Fee Group

To add members to Family Fee Groups, first create the Family Fee Group here.

Request Affiliation

This is for the clubs to request Affiliation to Foróige. Note: The club must also have it’s fees up-to-date

Add Meeting

This allows clubs to add meetings or events to the system.

Add Contact To Club

From a smartphone or tablet, you can use this action to create a persons contact, before adding them as a member.

Set up Club User

This is only used by Foróige staff when setting up the club, and cannot be used by the Clubs.

Email Leaders

Clubs can use this to email all leaders in their club.

Cheque Payment

This is only used by Foróige Parkwest to record cheques they have recieved. Clubs cannot use this function.