3. Home Page


This is the first page you see once you log in.  It contains links to these instuctions on how to use the system, as well as updates on the system.  However, to add and update members, pay fees, and affiliate your club, you will use the "My Club" page

1. Home

Click Home from any page to bring you back to this page.

2. Reports

Here you will be able to find all reports for your club.

3. Search

Type a persons name to quickly find and edit contacts, members and leaders in your club

4. Main Menu

This menu contains the links to manage the login for the club, and to update the club itself.

4.1 Login Settings

This is where you will update the email address for the Club User.   As the person nominated to be the Club User changes, the email address for the Club User must also be updated, as you may lose access to the system otherwise.   Go to the page on "Logging In" for further details on this.

4.2 My Club

Go to this page to to view and update the club, view, update and add members, view and update leaders, affiliate and pay fees, create meetings, etc.  This page contains all the main information and functions for the club system

4.3 Logout

Use this to log out from the system.   The system will also log out after a set time, if it is not being used.

5. Quick Links

These are shortcuts to important resources for the club and the users of the system.  We will be adding more content to this section over time.