2. Logging In: Club User, Reset Passwords...

Basic Concepts:

In each club, a leader will be nominated to log onto the Club System and maintain the details of the club and it’s member, leaders, committee, pay fees and affiliate the club.   This nominated leader is known as the Club User. The Club Leader is responsible for affiliating a club, but can delegate the task of using the system to another leader.

Within the Club System, each club has one Club User, who has a username, password and email address:

  1. Club Username: this is the username for your club.  It is made up of the Club’s id number, followed by @foroige.ie e.g F12345@foroige.ie. This looks like an email address, but it is not one- any email sent to it will not be delivered.  Take note of the Club UserName, as you need it to login to Club System.  

  2. Club User Email: This is the personal email address for the leader that is the Club User.  System emails, such as password reset emails, and reminders about affiliation, are sent to this address; If a new person becomes the Club User (or the email address for the current Club User changes), the Club User Email must be updated.

Note: when resetting the password, as shown in the video above, and detailed below, you will only be asked for the Club Username (and not your email address!).  The email to reset the password is then sent to the Club User Email.  This is why it is critical that the Club User Email is always the email address for the person that actually updates the system.

The same Leader can be nominated to access the system for several clubs-  you can use the same email address for the Club User email in all of them.

If you are the Club User, but you do not know your username or password, search for donotreply@foroige.ie in your email, as the username may be mentioned in emails.  If not, contact your local staff member.

Logging In:

Once the Club User has been set up, an email will be sent from donotreply@foroige.ie to  the Club User Email. This email includes the Club UserName and link to set a new password.Once you have set that password, you will be brought to the Home Page for your club.  

The next time you want to log in, go to www.foroige.ie, and click on the "Club System" link at the top of the site. This brings you to the Club System Help section and the first page has a link to the login page.

Change, Reset the Password:

If you can log in:

  1. click Main Menu- Club User Settings- Settings and Preferences- Change Password.

If you cannot log in, or have forgotten your password:

  1. Go to https://foroigeclubs.force.com/clubleader/login and click on "Forgot your password?".

  2. Enter the Club UserName e.g.F12345@foroige.ie, and click "Continue"- Do not enter your own email address, this will not work.

  3. An email from donotreply@foroige.ie is then sent to the the Club User Email with a reminder of the Club UserName, and a link to reset the password. This may end up in your spam or junk folders, so make sure to check these if you haven't got the email yet. 

  4. The link will allow you to set a new password, and login to the system

Updating the Club User Email:

As noted above, the Club User Email must be set to the email address for the leader that is the Club User.  Otherwise password reset emails, and other emails from the system, may be sent to a Leader that no longer has this responsibility.

To view and update the current Club User Email; click Main Menu- Club User Settings- Edit.  The only field you need to maintain is the email address.



  1. When you change the Club User Email, there is no confirmation email sent.  The Club UserName and password does not change, but you can follow the process below to set a new password.

  2. Changing who has the Club Leader role within the system does not automatically change the Club User Email. Always check the Club User email when you are changing who is the Club Leader.

  3. Changing the Contact does not effect the Club User, as they are not linked. So, if the Leader that is the Club User changes their email address, the new email address must be put in their Contact, and also in the Club User Email.