Top Tips

1.  Use Google Chrome!

The club system is designed and tested to work best with Google Chrome.  Chrome is the most popular internet browser in the world,and is available on all computers, phones and tablets.  Examples of issues seen when using other browsers can be that the club system freezes, or fields are missing.  Don't have Chrome? Get it here!Google Chrome!


2. Click everywhere!

Be curious- the club system allow you to click on many things within it, to open up new screens, or to bring you to a new function or view. Examples of this are:

"i" is for Information!: 

if you see an "i" in a circle, beside any of the fields in the club System, tap on it, or put your mouse over it, to give you some helpful text on that field.  Tooltip


 Any text in blue, that is underlined, can be clicked on, and open a page about that text.  


Dropdown menus:

If you have a list of record, you may see a button with an arrow at the end of each row- this gives you a menu to carry out a task on that record.  One example is in the My Club Screen- Related Tab- People.


Column Titles:

Clicking on a column title can sort the records by that column (Note: this doesn't work on every screen)

Column Sort


3. Lost? Go Home!

The ability to click on many different parts of the system can lead you far from where you started, and confused on how you got there, but fear not!  If you want to get back to dry land, click Home in the top left of all pages, or tap Home from the main menu in the top right.  Both will bring you back to the Home Screen.Home Button


4. Don't forget to search!

 The search bar at the top of the screen is the best way to find and update contacts in the system.  It also brings up a quick list of recent items and can be used to search for a report by name, or a member or leader record by their member id